The Science of Mike Tyson and Elements of Peek-A-Boo: References


All relevant references on Mike Tyson’s training and fighting, and the Peek-a-boo style by Cus D’Amato in one place.





Our Mike Tyson series grew over 10 articles, so it is good to combine all relevant references in one place. Later we plan to add small review comments to each entry.

Mostly Mike Tyson

MT1. Mike Tyson. Undisputed Truth (2013) Penguin.

MT2. Mike Tyson’s Greatest Hits (Year?). youtube 1; youtube 2

MT3. Mike Tyson Reveals His Typical Boxing Training Regimen (2011).

MT4. Interview by James “Smitty” Smith. In this cornertv (2007 or earlier). youtube clip 1; youtube clip 2

MT5. Gordon Marino’s interview of Mike Tyson.

MT6. Gordon Marino. Sweet Mike.

MT7. Mike Tyson Teaching the Fundamentals of Boxing (2012). youtube

Mostly Cus D’Amato

CD1. Quotes by Cus D’Amato.

CD2. Muhammad Ali & Cus D’Amato (1970). youtube short clip; youtube long clip

CD3. Pete Hamill. Up the Stairs with Cus D’Amato (1985).

CD4. Unknown Author. Percepts of peeking.

CD5. Robert H. Boyle. Cus Is Back Aboard A Big New Bus (1967).

Mostly Kevin Rooney

KR1. Quotes from interviews. Kevin Rooney’s opinion’s! (how to be a great fighter, training, etc) (2005 or earlier).

KR2. Interview. Kevin Rooney on Mike Tyson (2009).

KR3. Commentary by Kevin Rooney. Post Fight: Mike Tyson vs Micheal Spinks (1988). youtube

Mostly Steven Lott

SL1. Audio Interview with Steven Lott on Mike Tyson.

SL2. Remembering Cus D’Amato! .

SL3. Interview with Steven Lott by John “Johnny Detroit Lepak” (2005). /

SL4. Steve Lott Responds to your questions! (2006).

SL5. Miscellaneous quotes by Steven Lott (????).

Witness: Leslie Park

LP1. Our private communication with Mr. Leslie Parke to be released in future.

LP2. Leslie Parke. Desire and Discipline.

LP3. Leslie Parke. Zen and the art of boxing. .

LP4. Leslie Parke. Peek-A-Boo Boxing Stance. .

Old Footages of Mike Tyson, etc

DOC1. Watch Me Now (1983). youtube 1; youtube 2

DOC2. The secret behind Mike Tyson’s fighting style – Cus D’Amato. youtube clip

Researchers: Dr. Scott Weiss

SW1. Interview with Dr. Scott Weiss. Q&A: Dr. Scott Weiss on Cus D’Amato, Part I. (2013).

SW2. Interview with Dr. Scott Weiss. Q&A: Dr. Scott Weiss on Cus D’Amato, Part II. (2013).

SW3. Scott Weiss. Mike Tyson’s Training Routine PART ONE (2012).

Various Experts & Miscellaneous

Misc1. Unreleased HBO Documentary. Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali: Who Wins? (Year). youtube

Misc2. McNeil, William F. The Rise of Mike Tyson, Heavyweight (Year?). McFarland.

Misc3. Documentary. What It take’s To Be A Champ Like Mike Tyson (Year). youtube


MT-SP1. Explosive sparring – Mike Tyson and Oliver McCall – Joe Frazier is McCall’s trainer back then – 1987. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.

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