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1. 80/20 rules in boxing

2. You are on your own

3. Solution from your side

4. How our site can help you

Most gym trainers don’t bother with people they don’t think will fight 


80% vs 20% rule in boxing: a coach will spend 80% of the time on the best 20% students.

Browsing internet, I found this somebody’s post and recognized exactly the same experience I had in life:

“What’s missing entirely is a list of drills for the beginner to work on when he/she gets into the gym. This is important because even if there is a good ratio of gym trainers to boxers, Joe (here “Smoking” Joe Frazier) should know that most gym trainers don’t bother with people they don’t think will fight. In other words, even if there’s one trainer for every five people, an abnormally high trainer to fighter ratio, that one trainer will spend fifty minutes with the most prospective young man/woman, and ten minutes with the other four. Like it or not, that’s the name of the game, getting good fighters in and training them. Since most people do not have the talent of a good boxer, the trainers simply won’t bother wasting their time that could be spent on a more promising fighter. “

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You are on your own in the boxing gym

In short, the message is that in most cases you are on your own in the boxing gym. You will get some feedback from coaches and fellow gym members, but most likely not enough. As a result, regardless your talents and hard work, you won’t grow fast enough. More importantly, there is a high chance at some point you will get frustrated or simply bored. Then you will quit.


You quit.

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Self-development is the only way to grow

However, the good news is most of the top fighters went through the same experience at the beginning stage of their careers. As an example, young Ray Leonard, not yet Sugar, studied all by himself tapes and recording of Sugar Ray Robinson. Unless you are lucky to have a very good instructor at your side right from the start, self-development is the only way to grow.


Self-development and learning is the only way to grow

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Here we provide a helping  hand

This website aims at providing a guide in what to do and how about boxing, presenting basic and advanced drills. We spend our time and passion to get all these from tapes, videos, blogs, books,  fighters, and coaches, while you can learn and apply what you have learnt. Our main feature is to use modern technologies to convey the information faster and more efficiently.


Learn to box in our online boxing school

We do not strive to provide a thorough notebook about all possible punches, combinations, footwork, conditioning, nutrition, etc. In other words, make an entire encyclopedia. There are many books and already apps like that on the market. The problem  in them for a novice that they do not show you a big picture from the start. For a beginner, it may seem an overwhelming amount of knowledge. Where to start? At what pace to progress? How to combine what has already been learnt into a fighting? Due to that they are depressing, repelling, and even boring for such audience.

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The Main Site


  • Start –  We  analyze boxing styles, discuss various technique and tactics. Everything is summed up and output as ready to use boxing drills.
  • Blog – This is where you will find review of gyms, boxing tips and articles on boxing. Houses already 10 high quality articles, with new articles posted every week.
  • DIY gym – Do It Yourself articles to make several useful inexpensive devices for your training.
  • FORUM – Get a positive constructive feedback to your training footages, ask questions!


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5 Responses to Greatness From Small Beginnings

  1. Steve says:

    Is this guy being smart ie: “Can we get this website in English?”. Not only do I obtain this website in English it is well written and like Gus hacks through the hogwash to find that glittering nugget buried beneath.
    When I first saw Tyson fight (and I was not a huge “watch other people so much as work on my particular theories,strategies & tactics, not for sport but for real life applications) here is a man employing ALL of my basic principles. He was neitherMolly coddling Soutpaw (like myself) nor Dexter.He could reach (or more to the point appear to and threaten) with both hands.The entire body mass was behind everypiece of leather sluggin mug, and he was fit enough to continually let em rip until the other guy was horizontal, not allowing the opponent to either recover, think or for that matter do anything but ponder sadly the dire circumstances of his death march predicament as the button operated bells rang and the whitel lights flashed.
    In the end too, no one beat Mike.He beat himself. It was success that destroyed Iron Mike, and the complacency he nurtured it with.
    This is a great site, and the guy with the yap would be better furnished by exercsing something other than just his mouth and hands and chew the diet it offers.Exercise the boxers REAL and primary weapon.The one responsible for why men make rugs of Lions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recently started boxing in a gym and this post strikes me as utter hard truth. Suddenly for exercises like pads/mitts other guys were getting minutes of attention when I was getting only 30 seconds, no kidding. I’m striving harder in my own to study this sport and I want to thank you SugarBoxing for all this work, especially for the development of the peeakboo style which seems so underapreciated and elusive, with rather none content for it’s study.

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