Montreal and Ottawa Boxing Gyms: Overview

gym-canada-logo-150x-jpg Journal: Montreal and Ottawa boxing gyms From July 24 to August 1 I visited two cities in Canada:  Montreal and Ottawa. Here goes a review of each gym with the summary in another post.





1. Underdog Boxing Gym, Montreal
2. Hard Knox Gym, Montreal
3. Academie Sportive Montreal, Montreal
4. Beavers Boxing Club, Ottawa

Underdog Boxing Gym

Montreal, Canada

Monday, July 25th, 2011


location: city center

equipment level:  moderate

admission fee for a single class: 15 CAD (approx 15$ or 12 EU)

I attended the class for beginners at 18-30, summer schedule. They call it group one or beginners, no sparring. It was pretty much “getting fit without being hit”.


gym-ca-montreal-underdog-boxing-001 gym-ca-montreal-underdog-boxing-002

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Hard Knox Gym

Montreal, Canada

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


location:  outskirts

equipment level:  very good

admission fee for a single class: 15 CAD (approx 15$ or 12 EU)

One word – neat.

The gym has two floors. The first floor is boxing & kick-boxing gym (see left picture). In the basement: yoga room and fitness (see right picture).  Changing rooms are nice and neat, toilet and douch are in very good condition. A lot of good quality fotos on the wall both posters and personal with the coach and gym members. I got nice feeling from the gym, the place is being cared of. From what I understood, partly this is because many women attend the gym. The owners do not want to piss of almost half of their customers.

I attended a class for beginners and advanced at 5 P.M. There were two male coaches: owner and another guy helping him. The onwer is an ex-professional kickboxer. He is still in a very good shape.

Before the training started, I did three rounds on mitts with the owner, which is more than ever in life! After the very intense warm-up, the class was divided in two, each half had a coach. We worked on hooks and upper-cuts to the body.

I did one round sparring after a long pause. The kid (120 pnds, 13 fights, looks like around 15 years old) turned out to be Russian. His mother is Russian, father from Gueneia. He speaks Russian clearly. He was very good, boxing like Ray Leonard type of style with crisp sharp punches.


gym-ca-montreal-hard-knox-001 gym-ca-montreal-hard-knox-002 gym-ca-montreal-hard-knox-003

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Academie Sportive Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Wednessday, July 27th, 2011


location:  near the city center

equipment level: poor

admission fee for a single class: 15 CAD (approx 15$ or 12 EU)

This is a huge sport center with many kinds of sport, including a gym for fitness and a swimming pool. I attended a beginners class for boxing and kick boxing. This means everytime we worked on combinations the coach gave two types of instructions: for boxers and kick boxers. We trained in a hall which looks like more for dancing or yoga. Though there was yet another room with a ring and bags on the ground floor.

Generally I liked the workout – lots of mitt work in pairs. However, the coach was setting up combinations with too many punches. We started from 3 punches, and at the end did like 8. From what I saw the level of the participants was low, most of them could not do simple one-two fast and strong enough. Personally, multi-combes did not make much sense.

More than half of the participants were girls.  This was exactly “getting fit without being hit” type of exercising.

Like I already mentioned, on the ground floor there was another room with a ring, bags and such. I saw people there were training kick-boxing. Unfortunately, I cannot say more about it.



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Beavers Boxing Club

Ottawa, Canada

Friday, July 29th, 2011


location:  outskirts

equipment level:  good

admission fee for a single class: 10 CAD (approx 10$ or 8 EU)

I came late almost at the end of a regular training. It appeared to be similar to other gyms I visited: conditioning, technique and no sparring. I witnessed only the end of it, when  people did stamina drills.

Nice gym, located in the basement, ran by a woman, ex-boxer. They gym is quite spacious , has two big halls, many heavy bags, huge wall mirror, one medium size ring, some fitness equipment? Unfortunately, no men’s shower. No Idea about female one.

What I notice at least at that hour there were many young people, no old ones. Many worked on pads with each others, that’s good! The website shows pictures of competitors. From what I saw about 16 kids/teens/men do fight.  There were several guys who clearly do fight, so generally it is not a bad place to train for competitions.

I did light sparring, 3 rounds, with Roy (picture, 64 fights, 27 years old). He is “gipsy”, traveling around, originally from London, stayed couple of weeks in Canada.

I gave some tips to a young fighter Matt (17 years old) about conditioning of knuckles, wrists and elbow joints, abs. The more I talked to him the more I was convinced in making this website as resource for boxers. I will travel around give references to it, spar. Roy sparred several times with  the beginners, and did pads work with them. I realized this is what I want to do: travel around, spar and increase personal skills, acquire more knowledge, start teaching people a bit for free. And promote the website!


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  1. Michael says:

    Just wondering which gym you would recomend in montreal for someone who wants to get into shape as well as lear how to fight.

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