Gran Canaria Boxing Gyms: Overview

gym-grand-canaria-logo-150px-jpgFrom December 19 to December 26 I visited Gran Canaria, the main island of Canary Islands.

Two gyms are reviewed: Boxing Club Orlando Araña and Boxing Team Formento





1. Boxing Club Orlando Araña
2. Boxing Team Formento

Boxing Club of Orlando Araña

Vencindario, Gran Canaria

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

website:  none

address: Calle Tiagua, 27 bajo – VECINDARIO


telephone: 928 156 412 – 619 571 629

equipment level:  moderate

admission fee for a single class: 5 EU

hours: Monday-Friday, from 8-30 to 22-30

We got to the gym taking a bus #36 from the stop “Playa Torpical” in Playa Del Ingles. It took roughly 30 minutes to reach the main street of Vencindario. Then we walk like 10 minutes to the gym, which was 200 m off the main street.

The gym is a small hall of  roughly 8 x 8 m^2, with the ring in the center. Also there is an extra room at the back several training equipment. For both kick boxers and boxers. The participant were 3-4 girls and 10-15 young men. Available are a speed bag, couple double end bag, several types of heavy bags.

There are no lockers, only small change rooms for men and women. There is a toilet with a shower, not particularly neat.

The coach, Orlando Arana, is an ex-kickboxer. He seems very friendly, helpful, nice joking a lot fellow.

In the gym, they do not speak English well, however,  Spanish people are kind. I explained my purpose and they allowed me to train for free, otherwise I should have paid roughly 5 EU. There was a good boxer there. Miguel (53 kg). He is quite experience and had a chance to spend several month in the UK at the Gym of Ricky Hutton. Miguel worked with me on pad four round then we sparred three rounds. I was mostly attacking, he worked on defense.

boxing-club-orlando-arana-001 boxing-club-orlando-arana-002 boxing-club-orlando-arana-003

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Boxing Team Formento

Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria

Friday, December 23rd, 2011


address: C/TINGUARO, nº 20 (LA ISLETA), Las Palmas De Gran Canaria


telephone: 618-089-447

equipment level: moderate

admission fee for a single class: 5 EU

hours: Monday-Friday, from 19-00 to 22-00

The gym is at the end of the city, behind the port. We got to the gym taking a bus #66 from the stop “Playa Torpical” in Playa Del Ingles. It took roughly 60 minutes to reach the central bus station of the capitol Las Palmas. There we took a local bus and got to the stop in another 20 minutes. After that we walked 20 minutes up the hill to the gym.

The gym is some sort of a sport school with a football field. The gym itself is the in the basement of the building. It is large, about 30 x 20 m^2 with a long mirror wall. Available are different types of heavy bags, a speed bag, a double end bag, hand weights.

This is a serious gym with local professional and amateur champions. I trained along with two professional fighters, also several guys, who came mostly for fitness, and few kids.

boxing-team-formento-001 boxing-team-formento-002 boxing-team-formento-003

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    I do not own these gyms, I was there just visitor.For the rest, the best thing I can give is my trust in God, our Lord and
    savior Jesus Christ. Pray to Jesus, he will help you. Miracles happen is you believe

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