My Purpose (26 march 2012)

One of my biggest passions in life is boxing, and I would like to become a boxing coach one day. In this website, I am trying to combine all information I gather from various sources: books, blogs, videos, people, and present the information in a more convenient way rather than just text. SugarBoxing is created to help you achieve your highest potential in the sweet science. The fact that we process the content from many sources and deliver it in a new format should explain you why the content is labelled “copyright-free”. The reason is because the knowledge of this type belongs to everybody. We try to add as little unproven, unsupported from reliable sources material as possible, because our main motto is the best is to learn from the best only.

Despite calling it sweet science, many boxing resources are less about the science and more about the tradition, fitness, nutrition and such. If you just started boxing, you most likely have numerous questions. You try to find the answers from trainers, officials and online resources. Soon you will realize that there is no place that has all the answers. This is exactly my experience. I am trying to build a one-stop resource for all of your boxing needs.

At last, my long-term goal is to innovate the training process. Many coaches do things the way their trainers taught them. They do not innovate. Here we are talking again about the tradition, rather than the science. To advance the state of art, it is important to lay the right foundation first.  

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