DIY GYM: Simple Weights

sb-diy-simple-weights-logo-150px-jpg Get a workout after all that soda you’ve been drinking!






1. What is needed
2. Manufacturing procedure
3. Final result

What Is Needed?

  • several bottles, for instance, 4 x 2L Coca Cola (figure 1).
  • a metal rod or a strong wooden stick (figure 1).
  • 3m (9 feet) of rope (figure 1).

Good place to get them is a  rubbish heap.


Filling the bottles with sand at a sandbox sight

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Manufacturing Procedure

Fill in the bottles either with water (density 1kg/L) or sand (density 1.8kg/L). For the sand you may go to a nearby sandbox. Thus, with the water the total weight is 4x 2 x 1 ~ 8 kg. With the sand – 4x 2 x 1.8 ~ 15 kg:


What is needed

Place the bottles together. Wrap them with the rope near necks (top figure below) and at the waists (bottom figure bellow).


Wrap with ropes at the top


Wrap with ropes at waist

Stick the rode in between the bottles.


Stick the rope in between bottles

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Final Result

Now you have a piece of equipment to work on your  biceps, wrists, and knee joints.


Final result

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  1. corey says:

    I dont usually post on sites, but this is by far the best boxing site. Its so much more informative than any other. Keep up the good work man

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