DIY GYM: Pneumatic Ball

sb-diy-pneumatic-device-logo--150px-jpg How to learn hitting accurately with a proper part of the fist in a right spot of the head?






1. What is needed?
2. Manufacturing and final result
3. Usage


To knock out a person or deliver damage, it is not necessary just to be able to hit hard. Hitting the right spot of the head with a proper part of your fist is equally important. This device will help you improve accuracy of your punching: hit the target with the proper part of the fist.

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What is needed?

  • tennis ball
  • baseball cap
  • elastic rope

There are different types of tennis balls. Pick up softer ball, so it bounces better and does not hurt your knuckles.


A cap, a tennis ball and a piece of elastic rope

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Manufacturing and Final Result

1. Attach the elastic rope to the tennis ball. There are several ways to do it: using a scotch tape or making a wrapping with the rope over the ball like shown in figure.

attach elastic rope to the tennis ball

2. Make several loops at the other end of the rope and place any of them into the fastener of the cap. Loops are needed to adjust the rope length. The shorter the length the faster it will move.

make loops to be able to adjust the rope length

3. The ready to use device is shown in figure below:

ready to use device

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Put on the cap. Adjust the rope length, so that the speed of the ball bouncing is convenient for you. The key in the exercise is NOT the speed of the movement and power of punches, but accuracy of punches and rhymes.

exercise for accuracy

Pay attention on three main things:

  1.  keep the rhyme
  2.  aim at the ball with the ring finger knuckle, so that you hit it with the pinky, ring and middle fingers of the fist
  3.  try to keep the ball more or less in a symmetry plane of your body, so it does not bounce from side to side too much

Ideally, you should concentrate for 5-10 minutes and never let the movement stop. This exercise can be used as a warming up before you do shadow boxing or power training. If the ball hurts your knuckles too much, you can use gloves.

Example by Kostya Tszue

The most famous pracitioner of the method is Kostya Tszue. Vasil Lomachenko adopted it from him

Example of Kostya Tszue working with the tennis ball

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Example of Kostya Tszue working with the tennis ball 2

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1. Guide in Russian

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7 Responses to DIY GYM: Pneumatic Ball

  1. Yoyo says:

    You should punch with the index and middle fingers only. Your article says use middle ring and pinky fingers to punch that’s completely wrong

    • SugarBoxing says:

      thank you for your comment

      First off, we are trying not do deal with DO/DON’T’s, rather we explain the principles of boxing, which, of course,
      are never final and can always be refined.

      Secondly, we do not share opinions and our personal experience, rather we adopt the information from reliable sources.

      So, Jack Dempsey, one of the most feared strikers of 20-30’s, advises not to strike with the index finger, but the middle or pinky.
      You may or may not believe him, your choice.

      Kind regards

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