Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: Part Xd

feat-part-xc-mike-tyson-combinations-gif Combo #4: right hook to the body – right uppercut to the head in the peekaboo style with examples by Mike Tyson.






1. Developing the technique; | 2. Applying in fighting;


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In previous part Xa, part Xb & part Xc we discussed well-known classical combinations and how Mike Tyson adopted them to his style. Here, for the first time, we will discuss something genuinely peekaboo.

Peekaboo or not?

right hook to the body – right uppercut to the head is 100% genuine peekaboo combination designed by Cus D’Amato:

Cus D’Amato [DOC 1, DOC 2]:

“Bring your hand in here [showing body] and bring the same hand [showing head]. Bring his elbow down, when his elbow goes down, bang here [showing chin].”

In other words, preoccupy the body then deliver a phantom punch to the head that would do real damage. You may watch almost all knock downs and knock outs with this combination by Mike Tyson in the link [1].

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Developing The Technique

When people talk about Mike Tyson’s style you may frequently hear the notion that “to fight like Mike Tyson you gotta be like Mike Tyson”. Unlike other techniques discussed previously which you can pick up and adopt to your style, this particular combination actually requires you “to be like Mike Tyson”. The reason is because you should be able to deliver body bending right hook to the body, otherwise the opponent won’t react properly by setting himself up for the right uppercut. There are more questions than answers here. Why opponents never countered the body hook with the left hook? Why Mike never did the southpaw version of the combination, i.e. left hook to the body (liver) – left uppercut to the head? Currently, we are not ready to answer this question, so wait for updates.

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Applying in Fighting

Below is an example of Cus D’Amato explaining the principle of “discover and uncover” to Mike Tyson who is demonstrating the application of the principles in fighting:

Watch on YouTube in a new window. OPEN GFYCAT in a new window.

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All relevant References on Mike Tyson’s training and fighting, and the Peek-a-boo style by Cus D’Amato in one place.

1. Mike Tyson- Right hook body & Right uppercut head Combination. youtube clip

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