Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: Part Xb

feat-part-xb-mike-tyson-combinations-gif Combo #2: jab – right hand body – left hook in the peekaboo style with examples by Mike Tyson.






1. Developing the technique; | 2. Applying in fighting;


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Jab – right hand body – left hook is a well known combination used by fighters before and after Mike Tyson. This already answers our usual question:

Peekaboo or not?

Not, this combination is not genuinely peek-a-boo, but it is very well suited philosophy of peekaboo – punching while moving head off a possible line of attack the opponent.

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Developing the Technique

Below is an example of Mike Tyson working on this combination during heavy bag workouts:

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Notice two bottom clips seem identical as if two slightly distant cameras (like stereo-3D setup) shot the same move at the same time. This is not the case: Kevin Rooney is in different poses there, also the heavy bag is spinning after punches on the right clip. This comparison proves well known saying by team Tyson that Mike drilled same combinations all over again in identical way.


The combination begins with the regular stiff hard jab or feint jab to the neck area. The jab may or may not connect with the target. Simultaneously with throwing the jab you need to sit down slightly on the right foot and move the left foot forward. The jab or jab feint together with the subsequent semi-squat help hiding the preparations for the right hand punch and moving the head off the possible opponent’s line of attack, for example, a right hand to the head. In other words, you throw jab while ducking under possible incoming right hand punch.

Right hand to the body

The right hand punch is thrown not by transferring body weight directly forward at the opponent, but with the assisting diagonal step. This diagonal step allows further shifting the head off the possible opponent’s line of attack. Note that sometimes you can just show or feint the straight right without committing to the punch. All these are done in order to bait and uncover the opponent for the left hook while hiding preparation for the left hook: the transfer of body weight on the left leg, which charges it to throw the left hook.

Left hook

Depending on the distance to the opponent, finish the combination with a shovel hook or outside hook or looping hook or even a leaping hook. Also, it might be a good move to double or even triple the left hook, which Tyson often did.

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Applying in Fighting

Previous section dealt with throwing the punch, here we will discuss landing. Below are examples by Mike Tyson of executing this combination during different stages of his career: early amateurs and seasoned pro:

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Proper execution of the combination frees you from the opponent’s actions. It becomes irrelevant whether he is expecting your attack to counter or is throwing straight punches. You aggressively counter his jab or one-two by ducking head under punches while simultaneously punching to the body. Even if the opponent reacts and makes a step backwards, you reach him with the left hook. To be fair, in three examples above except the bottom left, Mike Tyson was looping the left hook too much, this is why the fist ended behind the opponent head. The best example is the bottom left: notice he throws a light jab just to bum the opponent on the face, then feints with right hand by touching the solar plexus without adding body weight. The opponent drops the hands and eats a left hook which is almost a slightly curved straight punch, so no looping this time.

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All relevant References on Mike Tyson’s training and fighting, and the Peek-a-boo style by Cus D’Amato in one place.

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