Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: Part II

feat-part-ii-mike-tyson-physical-conditioning-gif General physical conditioning for a peekaboo boxer based on examples by Mike Tyson.







1. Stretching ; 2. Running ; 3. Jump rope ; 4. Abs ; 5. Neck ; 6. Weights ; 7. Others ; 8. Note on nutrition



General conditioning routine of young and prime Mike Tyson with examples. More content will be added to this article with time. At the prime of his boxing career, Tyson says he never believed in time-crunch training [MT1,MT2,MT3,SL3,LP].

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There are reports that earlier Cus D’Amato boxers, Floyd Patterson and Gosse Torres, both suffered from lower back problems [?]. There are reports that Floyd Patterson’s lower back produced cracking noise [?].

Lower back stretching

Below is an example of 15 years old Mike Tyson stretching his lower back before a fight [DOC1]:

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Hip stretching

Below is an example of 15 years old Mike Tyson stretching his legs before a fight [DOC1]:

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Chest stretching

Example of post-prison Mike Tyson stretching his chest muscles. At that time he was working with weights.


Suggestion by SugarBoxing

These stretching exercises are inline with what he have suggested previously in our article on Snap in General:


Torso, chest and shoulder stretching. CLICK TO OPEN in a new window.

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Mike ran on the streets of cities he lived in. You never see him running on country-roads, sand or grass. He ran on asphalte or concrete roads in all examples over the whole span of his career.

Leslie Park [LP1,LP4]:

“Tyson did do massive ammount of running, but not excessively.”

Young and prime Mike used to ran at 4-5 AM in the morning [MT1,MT2,MT3,SL3,LP].

Mike Tyson [MT2,MT3]:

“I run 4-mile then walk 10-mile.”

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Basic Jump Rope

Mike Tyson did it regularly and was able to execute many advanced boxing tricks with the jump rope.

Leslie Park [LP1,LP4]:

“Tyson did do a massive amount of jumping rope and he ran, but not excessively.”


Below is an close up of young Mike Tyson doing heel-to-toe jump rope.

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You alternate jumping on one leg which is flat-footed while placing the other on the heel first, then jump one more time trying to place the foot on the toe. This is where the switch happends: after you placed it on the toe, make it flatfooted for the next jump while placing the the other foot, which was previously flat-footed, on the heel. For more details, refer to Buddy Lee Jump Rope Workout.

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He did abs variations on different equipment, just boring bench abs. According to his claim [MT2,SW3], he did up to 2500 sit-ups:

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Suggestion by SugarBoxing

We believe more modern ab workout that Manny Pacquiao did for many years, based on different principles than bench abs, would benefit greatly future peek-a-boo boxers Basic Ab Workout for Ripped Abs.

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Young and prime Mike Tyson did a lot of neck brdige exercise from wrestling to strengthen his neck. TODO Neck size in prime?

Neck bridge.

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Post prison Mike used other methods


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Kevin Rooney [KR1]:

“Mike never touched weights when he was with me, he didn’t need them. If he was on the weights then he’d of been much slower than he was, you don’t have faster hands than Muhammad Ali when your on the weights.”

Leslie Park [LP1]:

“I don’t recall him doing any things with weights, at least not during the daily training time. As best I can recall, Cus was against the heavy use of weights. It bulked up the fighters and made them less agile. There may have been a bench set in the gym, but I can barely recall that.”

Post-prison Mike Tyson have been doing shrugs with the barbell [Interview Frank Bruno], however there is no confrimation of him doing it in the youth.

Leslie Park [LP1]:

“I don’t recall should shrugs , push ups or pull ups. Now that I think of it, I believe they put on their boxing gloves as soon as they came in and did the entire training with the gloves on. What I don’t know is if he did any of those things outside of training.”

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Mike Tyson did pushups [MT3]. There are rumors he did pullups and squats [SW3], however we are not aware of any footage of him doing it.

Steven Lott [SL3]:

“At night Mike would relax or sometimes head to the health club to ride a stationary bike for an hour or so.”

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Note on Nutrition


Kevin Rooney [KR1]:

“He lived off steak and chicken, it was damn expensive to keep him fed. Mike’s favourite food was Captain Crunch and I used to let him eat it by the box load to fill him up.”

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All relevant References on Mike Tyson’s training and fighting, and the Peek-a-boo style by Cus D’Amato in one place.

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7 Responses to Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: Part II

  1. Robert Perez says:

    I believe Tyson did lift weights, no doubt about it. His physique gives him away. His biceps, his forearms, posterior traps, legs, etc. I believe it was kept a secret though. Later in his career, perhaps the end of his career, he was in a public gym lifting weights. He wasn’t a powerlifter or bodybuilder, but he did lift weights. What do you think? Honestly.

    • SugarBoxing says:

      Thank you for your comment. We try to deal with facts only. Lets wait till some extra info would slip.

  2. Marx says:

    Steroids plus phenomenal genetics of Tyson awarded him with such muscles.

  3. Damien says:

    I’m sure he did weight training or even just bodyweight training. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was minimal or just similar to what any of his competition did, making it less “spectacular” or “special”.
    Clearly his and his team’s dedication to building him as a phenomenal boxer and peek-a-boo style boxer, is what made Mike who he is today. And quite frankly, I’m more interested in his defense training than anything else. You guys do an amazing analysis of his style, movement and training. I cannot wait to see more of the materials.

  4. mika says:

    we can see MT doing some leg press and lat pull.

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