Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: part Ib

dips-logo-150px-jpgBob & weave in the peek-a-boo. Detailed study of the second type of evasive moves using examples by Mike Tyson.







1. Technique

2. Shadow boxing & slip bag & speed bag & heavy bag

3. Slip bag

4. Work in pairs & mitt | pad work

5. Extra suggestions


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More detailed study on the second type of evasive moves: the bob and weave. How they are being trained in different curcumstances. The content of the article will be updated.

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Note on Technique

You move your head down somehow under the opponent’s punch. We can identify two different techniques of doing it, depending on the body muscles used for it: upperbody or legs.


We break down complex moves into simpler elements only for the sake of clearer explanation. This is somewhat artificial or idealistic. In reality, both techniques are present. We deliberately choose only those examples, when one technique prevails.

Body bending

Just bend you body in the waist while keeping your legs almost straight like Mike Tyson does against James “Quick” Tillis in the example below:

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN GIF in a new window.

Dropping knees or dip

Alternative way would be to bend knees while keeping your body straight like Mike Tyson does in the example below:


Example of Tyson doing the basic bob (1/2 speed). CLICK TO OPEN in a new window.

One good tip to prevent possible knee injuries: when you bend your knees, make sure they point away from each other. Knees should also remain over your feet. So your feet will point the same directions as your knees during the motion. This will prevent possible knee buckle. Notice how Tyson aligns the right foot in the direction of the right knee when he is going down. When standing, the right foot is pointing to the side.

Which technique to prefer and when?

Clearly, body bending is energetically more efficient technique than dropping knees. However, you should not abuse body bending. Read this quote by Mike Tyson in the locker room shortly before the fight against Marvis Frazier telling Jacobs what’s going to happen.

Mike Tyson [1]:

“When you jab him he bends forward at the waist, like he’s bowin’, just bends straight over. He doesn’t bend his knees. When I jab and he bends over, I’m gonna catch him with the right uppercut.”

Ironically, this is exactly what happened earlier to Mike Tyson himself when he fought Tony Tucker:

OPEN YouTube in a new window. OPEN GFYCAT in a new window.

Tony Tucker in red trunks throws one-two and then follows with the left uppercut instead of more traditional left hook. Mike Tyson in black trucks slips the one-two by body bending. However, he forgets to move the head into the new position after it: his head went down and then up in the original position. As he was straightening his body in waist, he got hit by the left uppercut which clearly staggered him.

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Shadow Boxing & Slip Bag & Speed Bag & Heavy Bag

Mike would always incorporate some defensive moves after the last punch thrown when he was shadow boxing or working on a heavy bag.

To avoid the danger of getting hit after down-up bob, Tyson was drilling advanced technqiue of bobing in U-pattern, which is sometimes referred to as weaving [UT].

Mike Tyson [1]::

“Cus D’Amato taught me to weave in U-shape, not just up and down.”

Double weave

Mike Tyson would typically do two U-bobs or weaving after hooks and uppercuts [Kevin Rooney Interview].

Watch on YouTube in a new window. OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN GIF in a new window .

Single dip with a step outside

Mike would always incorporate some defensive moves after the last punch thrown when he was shadow boxing or working on a heavy bag.

Example of rolling under diagonally forward after left hook on a heavy bag by Mike Tyson.

Watch on YouTube in a new window.

Mike would roll to his left after throwing a left hook. Here the leg movements are like when U-rolling (Part Ic), however the upper body remains straight like when bobbing (Part Ib).

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Slip Bag

Single dip with a small step outside

Below is an example of Mike Tyson drilling dip or bob when working on a slip bag:

Examples of dipping under a slip bag with stepping outside by Mike Tyson

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN YouTube in a new window. OPEN GIF in a new window.

Notice that Mike does not simply moves down and then up, but steps to the side. In the examples, he bobs to the right, however, in fights it was more to the left. Currently, we cannot find the reason for this disconnection. Since there is not footage with legs and feet shown, we cannot really judge the stepping technique. It might be more like that of the slide leap in some instances. After the bob or dip, Mike would side bend to the left, then to the right while stepping backwards to take the initial position before the dip | bob. Here we do not show it and focus only on bobbing | dipping.

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Work in Pairs & Mitt | Pad Work

You may bobbing and weaving with a partner who would simulate an incoming punch, usually a hook. Below is an example of Mike Tyson drilling bobbing with Kevin Rooney:

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Extra Suggestions


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(WIP) References

1. Quotes by Mike Tyson.

2. Mike Tyson. Undisputed Truth. Penguin, 2013.

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