Development of a Peek-A-Boo Boxer: part Ia

side-bends-logo-150px-jpgSide bends in peek-a-boo. Detailed study of the first type of evasive moves using examples by Mike Tyson.







1. Technique

2. Shadow boxing & heavy bag

3. Slip bag

4. Work in pairs & mitt | pad work

5. Extra suggestions


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More detailed study of the first type of evasive moves: the side bends. How they are being trained in different curcumstances. This is not a mere classification. The content of the article will be updated.

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Note on Technique

To avoid straight punches (and some hooks), peekaboo suggests bending the body to the side in the waist. Sometimes the technique of constant side-to-side bending is referred to as the pendulum motion.


Basic  side bends. CLICK TO OPEN in a new window.

What muscles to use for it?


Example of Tyson side bending (1/2 speed). CLICK TO OPEN in a new window.

The above example of Mike Tyson suggests that he uses obliques and weight shifting from one leg to another to produce the side-to-side motion.

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Shadow Boxing & Heavy Bag

Example of Mike Tyson doing side bends after punching the heavy bag:

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN PINTEREST in a new window.

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Slip Bag

Typically Tyson would do side-bends three times in the left-right-left pattern [Kevin Rooney Interviews].

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. Watch on YouTube in a new window.

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Work in Pairs & Mitt | Pad Work

You may drill side bends with a partner who would simulate an incoming punch, usually the jab.

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN PINTEREST in a new window.

One more example of Mike Tyson working on slips with Teddy Atlas:

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN PINTEREST in a new window.

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Extra Suggestions

We believe working with a partner is the best when drilling side bends. The second best option is the slip bag. However, If you do not have a partner and you cannot hang a slip bag, you may consider using some light bag temporaly:

OPEN GFYCAT in a new window. OPEN PINTEREST in a new window.

Likewise, for the start, you may consider using a double-end bag or even a light heavy bag, if it is hung high enough.

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All relevant References on Mike Tyson’s training and fighting, and the Peek-a-boo style by Cus D’Amato in one place.

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